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Join Us on Sunday (from wherever you are!)


We want to see you on Sunday morning at 10am!


If you can't make it for any reason, though, we have some terrific options for you!

Join us on the Zoom app so we can see you and interact with you. Contact us at 909-861-4735  between 9am and 3pm, Mon-Thu, or send us an email to and let us know you'd like to join us on Zoom.  Our friendly office folks will get you all set!

If you'd prefer to join us on another platform, join us on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter where we also stream our services live!

As you can see, we want to connect with people all over the world (like you) who want to join our community and our movement based on social justice and the unconditional love and acceptance modeled by Jesus for all mankind.

Please contact us at 909-861-4735 or via email at if you have any questions about joining us remotely as we will do everything we can to help you get connected.

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